Treating Skin Tags on Eyelids, Around Eyes, & Under the Eye at Home

Skin tags on eyelids and around the eyes are really easy to identify, but the positioning can sometimes make them difficult to self-treat.

Are you looking for a way to remove skin tags safely from under and over the eye at home? Well, the good news is that they’re simple to remove with the right over-the-counter treatment.

According to the Mayo Clinic, skin tags are benign and flesh-colored bits of skin attached by a thin stalk. Some people mistake skin tags for other conditions, or they’re concerned that they’re a sign of a more serious medical problem. You needn’t worry because this is NOT the case!

They’re completely harmless and benign growths. The problem with skin tags is that they don’t look nice when they can grow bigger, or form a small cluster. And, if you irritate a skin tag, it can also become infected. That why people look for safe removal methods that work quickly.

We’re going to look at proven ways to get rid of skin tags that are close to the eyes. This includes over-the-counter (OTC) and all-natural methods so that you can find the right approach for your requirements. We’ll then look at what you can do to get faster results.

How you go about removing skin tags will depend on their size and, of course, the proximity of the skin tag to the eye. If they’re too close to the eye, perhaps millimeters away, don’t take any chances and find out how much doctors charge to remove skin tags.

Let’s now take a closer look at the top-rated skin tag removal methods:

3 Best OTC Products for Removing Skin Tags around the Eyes

You want an eyelid skin tag removal treatment that works quickly and safely. Being able to remove a skin tag at your own home will save time and money. Unless it is really close to the eye or the skin tag has become infected, you probably won’t need to see a doctor/dermatologist.

Tie off Skin Tags with a TagBand

The ‘tying off’ method is likely to be the right choice for the removal of medium-sized skin tags around the eye and on the eyelid itself. The good news is that there is an affordable over-the-counter (OTC) product that makes the process easier and much more effective.

  • Pro Tip: Many people have enjoyed success with the TagBand skin tag removal device. Just insert the small band (provided) onto the cone and release it. This band will prevent blood from reaching the skin tag. You’ll notice that the skin tags will start to change color, falling off in around 7 to 10 days’ time.

We’ve also put together an in-depth TagBand Review. Read this if you’d like to find out more about how and why it works. If a skin tag is too small, you’re unlikely to be able to apply floss, a band or string around the stalk of the skin tag. If so, there are other options below.

Tea Tree Oil as a Skin Tag Remover

If you do have small skin tags (perhaps in a cluster), tea tree oil can make treatment a lot easier. Put some Apothecary tea tree oil on to a q-tip and apply it directly to the skin tag(s) 3 times a day (morning, after work, and before you go to bed).

  • Pro Tip: Take your time and apply tea tree carefully. Although it’s a natural solution that can easily be washed away, it has the potential to irritate if you get any onto the eye itself. Never apply it when you’re in a rush as it increases the likelihood of a mistake.

This is an all-natural solution, so there’s no risk of scarring. The downside is that it takes longer to work than the other methods, and it doesn’t work for everyone. Most people will find that they can get rid of a skin tag near the eye with tea tree oil in around 3 to 6 weeks.

It does take diligence and patience, but it genuinely works. In fact, it’s one of the few natural treatments that we highly recommend.

Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish Cream

Another product that works on sensitive parts of the body is Pristine Wart Mole Vanish. Feel free to read our thorough review.

The great thing about this treatment is that you can control how much of the substance is applied and where you apply it. The substance is quite thick, which helps a lot given the proximity of the skin tag to the eye.

You’ll be sent a small pot of the formula with an applicator. The treatment will sting for about a minute, and your eyes will likely water. You’ll also notice a bit of redness when you’re done, but it’ll fade away. After a single application, a small black scab will form, and the skin tags will soon be gone. Don’t disturb the scab as it could leave a scar. Just allow it to heal naturally, perhaps applying some aloe vera a few times a day.

How to Avoid the Risks of Eyelid Skin Tag Removal

Regardless of the treatment, please be careful when applying a treatment close to the eye. If you feel anxious, or your nerves aren’t steady, it’s a process that should probably be avoided.

Talk to a Doctor First

A doctor will be able to discuss treatments and will likely be able to provide an enhanced level of expertise. Bear in mind that that medical solutions will be more expensive because you’re paying for years of professional experience. Your insurance company won’t offer cover the cost.

Your doctor will also be able to diagnose the condition accurately. There are a variety of reasons why people get small bumps near the eyes, so an accurate diagnosis is essential.

Skin Tags on Eyelids

Natural Vs OTC Treatments

Apply a proven natural treatment for getting rid of skin tags, such as Apothecary tea tree oil. We’ve reviewed both types of tea tree oil, so click on either link to read one/both of our comprehensive reviews.

  • Pro Tip: Just because something is 100% natural doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to be safe to use. You may find that you develop an allergic reaction, so you should always test it on another less visible and equally sensitive area of the body first.

Be careful not get any of this runny solution in your eye. Use a cotton bud, or something similar, to control the amount/placement of the fluid. Wash the area immediately if you get any in your eye. If the irritation doesn’t go away, you should seek medical assistance.

What Causes Skin Tags around the Eye?

Nobody knows why people get skin tags on eyelids or other body parts. They seem to be caused by skin folds rubbing against each other, and you tend to have more of these folds when you’re obese (and when you start to get older). Some people seem to be more prone to skin tags, so there’s likely to be a genetic factor.

  • You might find that losing weight helps because the skin won’t rub against itself as much.
  • You may also wish to consider wearing less jewelry and looser clothing. That way they won’t catch on your skin or cause you to sweat as much.
  • Try applying some absorbent powder to wick away sweat and moisture. Again, this will help to minimize skin-on-skin friction.

If you choose to remove skin tags on eyelids, please proceed with caution. Natural methods, such as Australian tea tree oil, are likely to be the safest when applied carefully. Before you apply it, test how your skin responds to the formula. If a skin tag is close to the eye, we strongly recommend consulting a dermatologist.