How to Safely Use the Best Essential Oils for Skin Tag Removal at Home

People are increasingly turning to all-natural remedies, such as essential oils for skin tag removal.  There are several excellent options and, as you might expect, some work significantly better than others. Our preference is Apothecary tea tree oil.

Essential oils have natural healing properties.  They have been used for hundreds of years, all around the world, but you may just have considered them to be just ‘old wives tales.’  This is not the case!  They are effective when used correctly, for treating skin conditions.

Skin tags can appear anywhere on the face or body, and most areas have to be dealt with slightly differently. If you want information on removing a skin tag from a particular body part, click on the relevant link below:

Areas of the Body:

Facial Area:

They are extra pieces of skin that form where there is friction.  While they may be embarrassing, and sometimes painful if they are always getting irritated, they are not cancerous. They don’t go away on their own, so you’re going to need to get them treated if you want them to be gone.

Top 4 Essential Oils for Skin Tag Removal

If you want an easy-to-follow guide on how to use a particular essential oil for removing skin tags, click on your preferred choice now:

  1. Australian Tea Tree Oil (Rating: 10/10)
  2. Frankincense Oil (Rating: 8.5/10)
  3. Oregano Oil (Rating: 7.5/10)
  4. Castor Oil (Rating: 5/10)

Essential oils work very well to remove these extra bits of skin.  They will do no harm to your skin, will put no toxins into your body, and they are inexpensive.

You can use the oils on their own, or you can buy products that contain mixtures of them.  The blended oils work well with each other, giving you a more powerful treatment to remove skin tags. The best options are listed below:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of a plant that is native to Australia; it is sometimes referred to as Melaleuca Oil.  It has many natural healing properties, which is why it is used for many different health conditions.

For DIY skin tag removal, it works by drying out the skin tag.  It essentially cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag.  Without blood, the skin tag will get smaller, turn black, and fall off – painlessly.

Those who regularly read this site will know that we’re big fans of Apothecary tea tree oil. If you’d like to find out more, we recommend reading genuine customer reviews from people who’ve used this product on

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil works much like tea tree oil.  It is steam distilled from the resin of the Frankincense tree, which is native to India.  It has also been used for hundreds of years because it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as well as others.

The way to remove tags is to apply it directly to the skin tag with a cotton swab a few times a day.  It will also dry out the skin tag, cut off the blood supply, and kill it.  The skin tag will fall off on its own. You should CLICK HERE to buy organic Frankincense oil.

Essential Oils for Skin Tag Removal

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil can be used to for skin tag removal, but it is powerful.  You have to dilute it with another essential oil, such as coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

Its healing properties are germicide and antibacterial.  Used the same as the others, apply it to the skin tag until it dies and falls off. If you want to give this a try, CLICK HERE to buy a bottle for about 10 bucks.

Castor Oil

When you hear the term castor oil, you probably think of something that your grandmother gave you when you were sick.

Put the oil on the skin tag about 5 times a day.  You can also apply it more, to help get rid of the skin tag faster.

Another way to use it is to make a paste with it.  Mix it with baking soda.  Put this mixture on the skin tag and apply a bandage to it, before going to bed.  Wash it off in the morning.  You should do this for at least 6 weeks.

How to Easily Remove Skin Tags at Home

One of the easiest ways to eliminate skin tags is by using Apothecary tea tree oil.  It is a powerful essential oil, and that is why it works so well.  The only downside to it is that it may irritate the skin around the area that you’re treating.

You can apply petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, to the surrounding skin, to prevent the oil from getting on it.  It will only get on the skin tag itself.

Use a Q-tip to apply it.  Depending on the size, if it is tiny, you can even use a toothpick to apply it.  This will also lessen the chances of getting it on the surrounding skin.

Make sure that you get as close to the base of the skin tag as you can.

It takes up to 6 weeks to deliver results, and you will start to notice it turning black.  This only means that it has died and will fall off soon.

tea tree aus

Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Using the oils mentioned above will also work for getting rid of moles, and even warts.  As stated before, essential oils are used for treating many different skin conditions.

People with sensitive skin should dilute the oils with another oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil.  It doesn’t lessen the effectiveness; it only makes them a bit gentler on the skin.

Putting Vaseline on the skin tag (just be careful not to touch the skin tag itself) will ensure that the oil doesn’t irritate the surrounding skin.

Using essential oils for skin tag removal is a very safe alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) treatments.  It may take a little longer to work, but some of them are very effective. Give Apothecary tea tree oil a try to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.