Using Lemon Juice for Skin Tag Removal

Some people believe that the use of lemon juice for skin tag removal is an effective, affordable, and 100% natural remedy. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at where skin tags most commonly develop, the possible causes, different sizes, colors, and how to treat them.

Skin tags are flaps of skin which can develop on many areas of the body, but are most common on the neck, under arms, and around the eyes. Although they are considered to be harmless and just a cosmetic problem, they can easily become infected, twisted, or inflamed.

Wearing tight shirts or turtlenecks can irritate them, especially during the warmer months when you’re more likely to sweat heavily. This is because enclosed spaces and continuous brushing of the tag with the fabric can lead to irritation. If you wear tight underwear, you can get them on your testicles or genitals. Many people regularly mistake them for an STD or an another skin-related problem, but this isn’t the case.

The size of the tag can also vary. Some are small , but others are quite large. They may also start off small and grow. Most tags are the same color as that of your skin, but they can also be a darker shade. They may change color if they’re deprived of oxygen (which can cause them to die and fall off) or have become irritated. There’s a tendency for people to touch them regularly, and this is a common cause of irritation.

remove skin tags with lemon juice

According to medical experts, you’re more likely to get skin tags if your parents had them. Genetics seem to play a part. Another significant factor is age. As we grow older, the skin starts to sag and this creates more friction. People who are obese experience this problem for the same reason. Hormonal changes can also cause skin tags, especially during pregnancy.

Lemon Juice for Skin Tag Removal

Although skin tags are considered harmless and don’t normally cause discomfort or pain, they are not attractive to the eye. Dermatologists can safely remove them, but not everyone wants to have them removed with a scalpel, especially as it costs a lot of money.

The majority of people do not want to undergo a surgical procedure. Instead, they want to remove them painlessly. It is possible to get rid of skin tags with lemon juice. Not only is it completely natural, but you can also be assured that you will not experience any discomfort at all. Even though the process will take a lot longer than surgery, it ‘might’ be worth the additional time and effort.

Lemons are bursting with citric acid, and this is believed to gradually decompose the walls of skin tags. So, with frequent application, it/they will be starved of oxygen, die, and will eventually fall off. Those who claim to have enjoyed success say that it takes time, so be prepared to wait for up to 4 weeks.

Process for Removing Skin Tags with Lemon Juice

The entire process is simple and won’t take up more than a few moments of your time.

Firstly, you will need to squeeze out the juice from a fresh lemon. Secondly, apply the juice to the affected area or areas with a cotton ball or q-tip (for greater precision). If preferred, you can also rub a fresh slice of lemon directly to the tag(s). Make sure that you wipe away any of the excess, so that the surrounding skin isn’t affected. Leave the lemon juice on the tag(s) so that it can get to work.

You’ll need to apply lemon juice to skin tags morning, late afternoon and night until you achieve the desired result. It will require diligence and consistency from you. It is not a quick solution and it doesn’t work for everyone.

Lemon Juice for Skin Tag Removal

Precautions When Treating Skin Tags with Lemon Juice

As with any treatment, even if it is totally natural, you should monitor the way that your skin reacts to the citric acid that’s found in lemons. If you experience an adverse reaction, such as a rash or reddening, it’s recommended that you discontinue usage. This is rarely a problem, but a very small percentage of people will be adversely affected.

If you are treating a sensitive part of the body, greater care must be taken. For example, don’t rub a lemon directly on your eyelids in case any of the liquid gets into the eye. Just use a q tip! Wash the area thoroughly with cool water if this does happen.

If you have skin tags in a highly-visible area, such as the neck or face, avoid direct sun exposure. This is because you’re more likely to get a sun burn, which would clearly be very uncomfortable.

Other Natural Treatments for Skin Tags

There are essential oils for skin tags that ‘may’ work more effectively. These include tea tree oil, frankincense oil, oregano oil, and castor oil. The objective is to dry out a skin tag, depriving it of oxygen. Without a supply of oxygen, it/they can’t survive.

People are getting results with natural oils, but research has revealed that Australian tea tree oil is the most effective option. Take time to explore this treatment by reading our review. We believe that it’s the most potent natural solution that’s currently available.

Now that you understand how lemon juice for skin tag removal works, it’s time to get started. Lemons are readily available at most grocery stores, and at a really cheap price. The process is simple, so find out if it can work for you!