Skin Tag Under the Armpit or Underarm Removal Methods That Work Fast

A skin tag under the armpit is just a benign skin tumor. The problem is that they can easily become irritated, start bleeding, and they often grow in a cluster. This doesn’t look nice, so it’s understandable that you want to have them removed.

You can easily tell if you have an armpit skin tag (or an acrochordon). They are soft and loose flaps of skin that are attached to your body by a thin stalk, known as a ‘peduncle‘. They are not warts, which are much flatter and harder.

Touching skin tags under the arm should be avoided because it can lead to irritation or infection. If you can’t stop twisting them, getting them treated at home is advisable. They aren’t attractive and they’re not going to go away on their own.

The TagBand is a clever little kit that can get rid of skin tags in about 7-10 days. Read our in-depth review by clicking the link below:

Sadly, it’s NOT a good choice for those tiny little skin tags that are really hard to see (use Apothecary tea tree oil to remove those).

The TagBand works very well when skin tags are small, medium, and large. You just need to choose the right over-the-counter (OTC) product for your requirements. Let’s look at the best underarm skin tag removers.

Top 3 Best Armpit Skin Tag Removal Methods

Although we’ll explain how each removal method works, you should still seek in-depth information about each treatment (see links below). Learn about the technique that interests you and use our step-by-step skin tag removal guide to get results:

  1. Tying Off Skin Tags
  2. Natural Tea Tree Oil
  3. Chemical Peel

Tie Off Skin Tags with Floss or String

Ligation, known as tying off skin tags, is a popular treatment. It cuts off the supply of blood to the skin tag with a thin piece of cotton. The skin tag will be starved of oxygen, so it dies and falls off. While this free treatment works well, it also leaves the body susceptible to infection.

Why not get a doctor to tie off a skin tag at his/her surgery?

While you could ask a dermatologist to perform this procedure, a doctor’s time is expensive. You could pay hundreds of dollars for an initial consultation and removal.

Sadly, few health insurance policies cover cosmetic medical procedures. That means that you’ll have to meet the cost of seeing a dermatologist from your own pocket.

If you do have an infection, please wait for it to clear up completely before you commence treatment. Your health is the priority.

If you have a cluster of skin tags, use Australian tea tree oil. You don’t need to spend months treating multiple skin tags. Individual treatment is likely to be too slow, expensive, and time-consuming for a busy person.

Does that apply to you? Perhaps you want a natural option? Let’s take a look…

Natural Tea Tree Oil for Underarm Skin Tags

If you have excessive skin tags and want a 100% natural solution, consider applying Apothecary tea tree oil.

Just apply the formula to the affected area(s) and it will dry it/them up. It isn’t as quick as the TagBand product, which works in about a week, but most people will see results in about 3 to 6 weeks. There’s no risk of scarring.

Make sure that you apply the solution to the skin tag 3 times a day – morning, afternoon, and night.

This method has proven to be effective, as evidenced by the feedback it has received.

An advantage of natural tea tree oil is that you enjoy great value for money. You’ll receive a bottle that will last so you can store it away in a bathroom cabinet. This is useful as it means that you have a removal method on hand for use in the future.

Read our comprehensive reviews of the 2 top-rated choices:

Trichloroacetic Acid for Skin Tag Under the Arms

trichloroacetic acid formula is used to take off a skin tag gradually, layer by layer. It does work and the reviews are encouraging but do be careful during the application process. You’re applying an acid directly, and it can easily run onto your healthy skin.

You ‘may’ find it difficult to apply this formula to your own underarm, but this can be overcome with assistance from a third party. If you do decide to use this treatment, apply the formula to a cotton bud tip so that you can target each skin tag in turn.

If this is a treatment that interests you, click on the link for extra information:

Why Am I Getting Skin Tags Under Armpits?

As many as 60% of people will get at least one skin tag in their life. You’re more likely to get excessive skin tags if you’re overweight, 60+ years of age, pregnant, or if there’s a history of them in your family.

There’s a genetic element, and it can also be a pre-diabetes symptom. The state of your health is a factor, but there’s no single proven cause.

They’re a benign tumor, so are very rarely a sign of cancer in adults.

skin tag under armpit

Skin Tag under Armpit Turning Black

Don’t become too alarmed if your skin tag turned black overnight.

This tends to happen when they become twisted, cutting off the supply of oxygenated blood. Don’t forget that a skin tag under the armpit is a living part of your body. If it doesn’t get oxygen, it’ll die and eventually fall off.

If that happens, you won’t need to use an over-the-counter skin tag removal product. Just keep a close eye on it if the size and color continue to fluctuate. If you are concerned, a doctor will be able to perform a biopsy as a precautionary measure.

When you just want to get rid of multiple skin tags, invest a few bucks in a TagBand device – it’ll get rid of them in approximately 1 week.

If you do have painful skin tags under the armpits, you’ve probably got an infection. See a doctor as you need to get this problem resolved before using an OTC removal product. Once the discomfort has ceased, you’re free to get started on a treatment plan.