Using a Chemical Peel to Remove Skin Tags

Trichloroacetic Acid Solutions are commonly used by dermatologists as a chemical peel to remove skin tags. Milder versions (8% to 30%) are available (for skin resurfacing), but you need to select a much stronger peel if you want to get rid of a skin tag fast.

The greater the strength, the more skin that will be removed.  It is very important that you closely follow the directions so that you don’t make any costly mistakes. Remember that it is an acid, and that means that there are risks attached to its usage.

You will need a stronger peel to get the best results. If you use a weak formula, it won’t work. Trichloroacetic Acid removes several layers of skin with each application, meaning that the tag will eventually be completely removed.

What Strength Should I Use?

When using a Trichloroacetic acid solution, the strength that you should use is either 50% or 80%. We recommend that you select 80%.  The stronger formula will penetrate the tag, preventing any oxygen from reaching it. Weaker solutions have proven to be ineffective.

Obviously, your goal is to apply it directly to the tag and not the surrounding area. Whatever the strength that you choose, keep a mixture of baking soda and water (make a paste) nearby.  If you happen to get some on healthy skin, this mixture will help to neutralize the acid.

Using a Chemical Peel to Remove Skin Tags

Wash the area that you want to place the peel on with soap and water.  Rubbing alcohol is also recommended.  This is just to ensure that no oil or residue is left on the skin.  Make sure that your skin is completely dry and clean before using the peel.

Dip a Q-Tip in the solution and ensure that it’s saturated.  Apply this directly to the tag in non-overlapping strokes.  Wait for between 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cold water. This should be repeated on a daily basis until the area darkens and a scab is formed.

Once a scab does form, it’s important that you don’t disturb it. Be careful when you’re removing clothes and washing yourself as these tend to be the times when scabs are most commonly disturbed. This is particularly important when you’re treating a tag in a visible area.

Why Use It at Home?

Seeing a dermatologist, or skin specialist, can get quite expensive.  Insurance will not cover this type of treatment, because it is deemed cosmetic. The only time they will pay for it is if there’s a medical problem, such as an infection. If the tag is infected, do NOT apply the peel.

A chemical peel can cost a few hundred dollars, and you will have to go more than once to get the results that you want.  This means time off of work that you don’t necessarily have to take. Provided that you’re careful, you can get the same results as a doctor.

When doing a chemical peel at home, you can buy a bottle of Trichloroacetic Acid Solution for about $20, and it will last you a long time. Customer reviews on Amazon have been very favorable, and with 79% of people awarding it a 4 or 5 star rating.

You only require a small amount of the solution for it to work well.  You will have to apply it several times to get the desired results, but this is the case if it was treated by a doctor.

Where Should It Be Applied?

It should only be applied to safe and non-visible areas of the body. We do not recommend applying the trichloroacetic acid solution to the face, especially if the tag is located around the eyes. You should also avoid using it on very sensitive areas, such as your testicles or anus.

Use the formula sparingly, and never just pour it onto the tag because it will run. It needs to be applied very carefully using a Q-Tip, and in accordance with the instructions for the best results.

Trichloroacetic Acid Solutions

How Much Should You Use?

To remove skin tags, You will need to use a stronger peel.  This will take more of the dead layers off of your skin off with a single application.  The more layers that come off, the faster that your skin tag will be removed.

The solution should only cover the tag itself, and none of the surrounding skin (if possible).  Using a Q-Tip means that the formula can be applied sparingly and very accurately.

You can also use a lesser amount of Trichloroacetic Acid Solution, but the tag will take a lot longer to come off.  This may be a good option for you if you have thin or sensitive skin, but you’ll need a lot of patience.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Depending on the strength of TCA that you use, side effects will vary.  Usually you will feel a very mild burning sensation.  Some people have stated that their surrounding skin turned slightly red, but that went away after a few days. That is perfectly normal as it’s part of the healing and scabbing process.

Trichloroacetic Acid Solution is one of the best things to use for a chemical peel, and it is used by doctors and dermatologists. A chemical peel to remove skin tags is a highly effective choice, but you need to learn the correct steps and follow them carefully. This will ensure that you get fast and effective results without any of the risk.