Using the Best Skin Tag Removal Products for Fast & Safe Results

Skin tags are a common cosmetic problem. They are so common that about 50% of adults will develop at least one at some point in their life, and the number rises steeply for those aged over 70. The best skin tag removal products are available to people who want to remove them quickly and safely from the comfort of their own home.

They are small, flesh-colored growths and are normally just a few millimeters in size. The official medical name is acrochordons, but are called skin tags for the sake of simplicity. Skin tag removers can be used to get rid of them. We recommend applying Australian tea tree oil to your skin tags because it’s a natural solution and the feedback from customers has been very favorable.

They are benign tumors and therefore aren’t a cause of any harm or danger to your health. Any procedure to remove skin tags is not medical but, instead, cosmetic. They aren’t contagious, so you do not have to worry about them spreading.

The most common places develop them is in the folds of skin due to friction and irritation. You will find that they tend to develop on the face, neck, groin, eyelids or under breasts (especially during pregnancy).

They have a vaguely similar appearance to warts, but can very easily be distinguished from them. You’ll find that they’re soft to touch and grow on a thin stalk or peduncle. Warts tend to be flatter and significantly harder, making them significantly more difficult to treat.

Most people only develop one or two, which go largely unnoticed and treatment isn’t usually sought. Unfortunately, there is a minority of people that suffer chronically, and almost 70% will seek removal. Others people will find that large skin tags develop.

Even if you don’t suffer from clusters, you may have one in an obvious place. This can affect your self-esteem.

Purchasing the best over-the-counter skin tag removal product is a very popular option because it is relatively inexpensive compared to treatment from a doctor. There is also an extensive amount of choice, in both removal products and home remedies that can help.

What Are the Best Skin Tag Removal Products?

Many OTC products remove skin tags completely and leave you with clear and smooth skin. You must be very careful about which product you buy because they don’t all work that well.

Using Creams to Remove Skin Tags at Home

It’s better to stick to a tried-and-tested product, such as the Pristine Wart and Mole Vanish if you want rapid results.

The most popular products for skin tag removal are creams. This is because they are considered to be a safer treatment. If you choose the right product, then you can avoid infection/irritation and won’t have to pay extortionate medical costs.

The best skin tag removal cream works by gradually drying out skin tags. They inhibit the flow of blood, so they turn black before eventually falling off. This will happen over a period of 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the potency of the cream.

Depending on your preference, you can get a cream that will remove a skin tag instantly or in about 5 weeks. We all want fast results, but that will increase the risk of permanent scarring. Much depends on whether you can avoid disturbing the scab.

Skin Tag Removal Products

Using Natural Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

There are some all-natural remedies that can be used for skin tag removal, such as Bael Wellness tea tree oil. They contain natural ingredients that gradually work when applied several times each day.

Tea tree oil possesses a very strong aroma that can be off-putting for some. If you can look beyond this mild drawback, then it is a very effective solution for removing skin tags.

How to Apply Tea Tree Oil

You should apply tea tree oil to skin tags 3 times a day (morning, late afternoon, and before you go to bed). Ensure that the area is washed thoroughly before applying the treatment. Removing dirt helps you to avoid getting an infection and allows the ingredients to work more effectively.

Be careful not to get any on the surrounding area to ensure that you don’t experience any irritation. Applying a small bandage or a plaster after each application is a great way to speed up the process. You can read more about pure Australian tea tree oil in this post.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not all forms of tea tree oil were created equal. While you can buy a bottle for a few bucks, it’s better to invest in a quality brand that you can trust. It won’t cost you very much either, depending on the brand and potency of the product.

remove a skin tag

You need to invest some of your time into finding the best skin tag removal product. This process will be made a lot easier if you read customer reviews to help you to make a more informed decision. Ratings for a product are easily the most reliable way to tell if it is likely to be successful. The more ratings that you get to see for a product, the more accurate the information.  Check out the customer reviews for Australian tea tree oil, for example.

Should I Use a Wart or Skin Tag Remover?

Some people do find it hard to tell whether an infection is a skin tag or a wart. The good news is that you can apply Compound W Freeze, which is effective for treating both conditions. You can also read our article on using a wart remover for skin tags.

The best skin tag removal products quite simply get the job done quickly and safely. The OTC product that you select will depend on your attitude to risk and where it is situated. If it’s in a highly visible position, side with all-natural solutions to minimize the risk of scarring.