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Skin Tags on the Face? Safest Products for Removing a Facial Skin Tag

Skin tags on the face are annoying, at the very least. As small folds or ‘flaps’ of skin, they can become unsightly. Some people will experience quite a few in their lifetime, while others might get one or two of them. There is no ‘magic formula’ for keeping skin tags away, but you can read about some useful techniques that might help.

When you have skin tags on the body, you may not even notice them. And while they won’t go away on their own, you may just learn to live with them because they are small and relatively unnoticeable. But, facial skin tags are a different story. They are a completely cosmetic issue, but one that some people struggle with more than others. So, when it comes to removing skin tags from the face, what can be done about it?

Well, there are several removal options to consider – click here to find out our top 3 facial skin tag removers. You need to do research to find the ‘right’ treatment. If removed incorrectly, it could result in bleeding, infection, or scarring. So, investing 15 minutes in choosing the safest way to get rid of skin tags on the face is time well spent.

Best Ways to Remove Skin Tags on the Face

When it comes to a solution, there are two options. You can either have a skin tag removed by a doctor or use an at-home treatment. It’s important to understand that both of these options have excellent success rates for very different reasons.

Medical Treatment Options

If you choose to see a doctor about removing a skin tag, they may prescribe a topical treatment. However, some popular treatment options have become more surgical, in the medical world. There are typically four ways a doctor can remove skin tags:

While all four practices are completely safe, and especially effective if you have multiple skin tags, you should consider post-treatment. If you have a skin tag on your face, having it surgically removed somehow likely means there will be some scarring. Even if the scarring is light, most people have an easier time noticing something on their face, rather than somewhere else on their body.

Help with facial skin tag removal

At-Home Facial Skin Tag Removal Methods

Another option for removing skin tags is looking into products designed for that purpose. Typically, these products will either remove them by ‘suffocating’ them (cutting off the blood supply), but there are different ways that this can be achieved.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

You’ll find that Australian tea tree oil is one of the safest and most reliable products. It works as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic agent.

When you apply tea tree oil to a skin tag, which can be done with a few drops on a cotton ball, it starts working right away. The essential oil will dry out a skin tag while moisturizing the surrounding skin. As it dries it out, it will take away its blood supply and oxygen. Within 3 to 6 weeks, it should fall off on its own.

In some cases, the skin tag will turn darker in color, while in others, it may appear shriveled and dried up. No matter what, don’t attempt to ‘pick’ it off, even if it appears shriveled. It may reach a point where it can be brushed off gently, but more often than not, this treatment will allow it to fall off on its own. That natural process will lead to a minimal risk of scarring. Click on the link to find out more about the 2 best-rated tea tree oils:

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Using a Wart Remover for Skin Tags

Another popular product for getting rid of skin tags is wart remover. Skin tags and warts are two very different things, but they both ‘freeze’ the problem area. Think of this the same way you might if a doctor were to freeze the skin tags.

When the skin tag is frozen, so to speak, the blood supply is again cut off. Over time, it will start to shrink or turn darker, before eventually falling off. You can find out more about the 2 most popular and best-rated skin tag removers by clicking on the link below:

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Best Over the Counter Skin Tag Removal Products

Products like the TagBand removal device are specifically designed to get rid of skin tags, and that includes facial skin tags. Using a clever tool, you’re able to put a thin band around the stalk. After about a week, it’ll fall off. It’s important to note that you should buy the Micro Tagband for small skin tags or it won’t inhibit the blood flow to the benign tumor. Click on the link below to read our review of the TagBand device:

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device for Medium to Large Skin Tags
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Getting Rid of Skin Tags on the Face Safely

Getting skin tags anywhere on your body, although not harmful, isn’t a pleasant experience. While some people won’t notice them, others will find them unsightly and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, skin tags on the face are a bothersome cosmetic problem.

How to Remove Skin Tags on the Face

When you’re trying to remove a skin tag from your face, consider the options you have before you, because there are plenty. A visit to the doctor for a surgical procedure can get rid of the skin tag quickly. However, you may run the risk of scarring, and you’ll be left with a large medical bill. Some OTC treatments work really well, such as Apothecary tea tree oil, but everyone responds differently to the formula.

Apothecary Extracts - Tea Tree Oil - 100 Percent Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil - 4-Ounce Value Pack - Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oil - Treats Acne, Bacterial Infections and More
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It’s important to find the product that works for you, your skin, and feels ‘right.’ It doesn’t have to draw attention to your face, and you’re certainly not doomed to deal with scars left behind. As long as the product is safe for your skin, and will allow the skin tag time to fall away, you can feel confident in making the right choice for removal.Save