Skin Tag Removal Cream Is Crucial To Getting Fast Results

Skin tags are extremely common and can be a source of irritation or infection. Up to half of all adults will develop them at some point in their lives, and figures show that around 70% of people that suffer chronically will take steps to get rid of skin tags from their face and body. Depending upon the OTC product, skin tag removal cream does potentially offer an effective solution.

They are flesh-coloured growths of skin that appear on the end of a thin stalk. They are smooth but slightly irregular in shape. They are sometimes mistakenly identified as warts but are only slightly similar in appearance to the untrained eye. They’re classified as benign tumors and are not a symptom of cancer or any other major health condition.

They are not contagious and have no known medical problems or complications associated with them – they are therefore considered a cosmetic complication rather than a medical one. Medically they are known as acrochordons, although ‘skin tag’ has emerged as a more accessible and popular term.

Using Skin Tag Removal Cream on the Face & Body at Home

Common Places That Skin Tags Appear

Skin tags appear most commonly in areas that experience a lot of rubbing and friction, whether that be due to tight clothing, jewelry or skin folds. Examples include the neck, armpits, and the eyelids. Because skin rubbing increases the chance of them developing, those who are obese are more likely to get them. Aside from this, they tend to be more prevalent among older people.

Treatment of a Benign Tumor

They aren’t dangerous and aren’t believed to be a sign of another health problem. Nevertheless, if you have a skin tag in a  prominent place such as the face, you may have a strong desire to remove it. You can go about this in a variety of different ways, each with a differing cost and treatment time.

Doctors Fees Are Expensive

A cream is applied to the skin tag, which weakens it and causes it to die instantly, or over the course of several weeks. It is a popular method because of the ease of use, the low chance of skin irritation, and the low cost compared to paying a doctor.

Apply the Best Skin Tag Cream

Skin tag cream works by gradually destroying the growth. The best skin tag removal cream on the market, which many experts believe is Pristine Wart Mole Vanish, is designed to penetrate right down to the bottom of the stalk.

Factors to Consider before Treatment

Do You Have a Skin Tag?

Before you select a treatment for skin tags, there a few things that you need to consider. For example, you need to assess whether you do have a skin tag properly. If it isn’t, then applying a certain treatment may exacerbate the problem. This sounds fairly straightforward, but remember that there are always cases where people mistakenly identify them for other skin conditions.

Small & Large Skin Tags

The second thing to consider is the size. If yours is fairly small, then treating it yourself should not be an issue. They rarely grow beyond the size of a pea, so can easily be removed at home. However, if you have developed a large skin tag, then you should probably consult a professional before you treat it. Bear in mind that if it is removed unsafely or in haste, then it may leave a scar.

Is There a Risk of Scarring?

Considering how the surrounding area of skin would be affected is important. Finding the correct method, or best cream to protect the skin adequately should be high on your list of priorities. Although you may be unsatisfied by the appearance, scars can be equally as unaesthetic and may also be irreversible.

Minimize Pain & Discomfort

Try to consider your pain threshold. Skin tag removal can cause the individual low, moderate or intense amounts of pain depending on which method of treatment that you use. If you know that you can undergo some pain over for a few minutes, then you may consider some fast-acting creams. Some people choose to cut off skin tags with scissors, which carries a high risk of bleeding and infection.

If you know you can’t handle large amounts of discomfort well, then you may decide to go with a slower, safer skin tag cream with a more gradual process of removal. This will mean you aren’t caused too much stress during treatment.

best Skin Tag Removal Cream

Homemade & Natural Alternatives

There are several alternatives that you can utilize, ranging from liquids to homemade techniques. Each of them has worked for people in the past, but there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. We all respond differently, so a degree of trial and error is inevitable.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Applying tea tree oil up to three times a day will cause a skin tag to turn black before falling off. Read the customer reviews, and you’ll quickly see that 100% natural tea tree oil is a very potent treatment that gets results in about 3 weeks.

Some people swear that apple cider vinegar also works. Just like the application of tea tree oil, soak a cotton ball three times daily and apply it directly. The acidic qualities in the vinegar are believed to dry it up so that it dies and falls off. Using this method of skin tag removal at home, as opposed to the tea tree oil, should yield results a lot quicker, but can cause temporary irritation.

Tie Off Skin Tags

Aside from these, you may want to try tying off skin tags with some dental floss. If you tighten this every day, you will restrict the blood flow to the skin tag and it ‘may’ die within a few days. The process will be a lot easier to execute with the TagBand as you are provided with the tools to get the job done.

Skin tag removal cream is one of the most popular methods, but do explore the alternatives. Depending on your preference, you can either use safer, less aggressive cream to wear away and remove them slowly or a more aggressive cream for faster results. This will result in a much quicker removal process but may leave scars. Your approach should depend on where a skin tag is situated.