Skin Tag on the Nipple? Easy Removal Methods That Work

Skin tags can appear anywhere, but some areas are more prone to them. They’re not a medical concern, but can be embarrassing or become irritated. They can be uncomfortable if something is rubbing against them a lot, such as your bra.

Having a skin tag on the nipple can be painful, especially if you’re nursing. If you do have a pregnancy skin tag, it may fall off on its own shortly after you’ve given birth. Skin tags are often caused by gaining weight and hormonal fluctuations.

Medical treatments aren’t cheap, especially if you have multiple skin tags. That why over the counter removal methods are so popular. If you want a natural remedy that works well, consider applying Apothecary Tea Tree Oil.

If you’d like to find out our top 3 skin tag removal methods, read this article:

About 50% of people will get a skin tag during their lifetime. Usually, skin tags are the same color of your skin. Sometimes they can also be/turn red or black, or any shade in between. If it’s black, there is no cause for alarm. This usually happens when the blood supply has been cut off, and the skin tag is dying. It should fall off on its own soon.

Why Do I Have a Skin Tag on the Nipple?

The nipple is a bad place to have a skin tag, and some have more than one. It can be scary as you may be concerned that you have a form of breast or skin cancer. This isn’t the case as skin tags are a benign condition. They’re nothing to worry about, medically.

Many pregnant women get skin tags on the breasts. This is due to fast weight gain and the stomach rubbing against the breasts. Also, women who are nursing can develop them, because of the friction while nursing. Hormones are also likely to be a major factor.

Ways of Removing Skin Tags

Cutting Off Skin Tags

Some people cut them off with nail clippers, but cutting off a skin tag on the nipple is a bad idea. There will be a lot of pain and bleeding. The other huge problem, especially on this part of the body, is that it will almost certainly result in an infection and scarring.

Applying Essential Oils

There are essential oils that you can apply that will get rid of a skin tag fast, such as oregano oil and Australian tea tree oil. All that you have to do is dilute it with a carrier oil, such as castor oil, and apply it directly to the skin tag.

It’s advisable to test it on another sensitive part of the body to make sure that it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. If the area does become overly sensitive, cease treatment immediately.

Tying Off Skin Tags

Another god method is tying them off. Many people use dental floss or thin string to tie a knot around the stalk of the skin tag. This is a good way to get rid of skin tags because it’s relatively painless. But there is a risk of infection ‘if’ it’s not done the right way.

Best OTC Skin Tag Removal Methods

We’ll know discuss the different ways that you can remove a skin tag without too much discomfort. We believe that these are the best ways to remove a skin tag on the nipple. Here are some of your options:


The TagBand device works much like tying off, but it is much easier to do and far more sterile. You only have to put the band on once, not having to worry about it staying tight. Click on the link below:

Tea Tree Oil

The use of tea tree oil has become increasingly popular. It has been used for centuries, known for its healing properties. This can remove a skin tag by drying it out, thus depriving it of oxygenated blood. It does take a bit longer to work, about 3 to 6 weeks, but it is painless and safe. Click on the link below:

skin tag on nipple

Are Skin Tag Removal Costs Covered by Health Insurance?

These small flaps of skin can be removed by doctors, but health insurances won’t cover the cost. So it will be an expense that is met from your pocket. Doctors have different ways of removing them, but you can also get rid of them yourself at home.

The methods that we have discussed some of the best ways to get rid of a skin tag on the nipple. You can be assured that they do work for most people. The safest way to remove skin tags is Australian Apothecary tea tree oil, but your reaction to any formula (even if it is natural) should be carefully monitored.