How to Remove Skin Tags On & Under the Chin

When you have skin tags on the chin, you may find it embarrassing.  You may feel very self-conscious when you’re out in public.  When they are located anywhere on the face, they do get noticed easily, and thankfully there are ways to get rid of skin tags quickly.

If you have skin tags under the chin, and shave, you have probably cut it a few times.  The tag may come off, or may hang on.  Whichever it does, it will sting a bit, and will bleed.  Of course, you can’t really avoid hitting it when you are shaving, but you can quickly remove it.

In this article, we will tell you how to safely remove them.  We will tell you about 3 of the very best treatment options that are available, and will provide you with step-by-step instructions for how each is used.  This way, you will be able to find out what is involved in the process, and you can make a very informed decision before parting with any money.

To quickly remove skin tags on the chin, the following three products are, in our honest opinion, the best available. If used in accordance with the guidance below, they deliver results.

Wart Mole Vanish

When you use Pristine Wart Mole Vanish, your tag will be gone in less than twenty minutes.  Provided that you don’t disturb the scab during the healing process, no scars or markings of any kind will be left behind.

According to the manufacturer, one Wart Mole Vanish kit will remove numerous skin tags, depending on their size.  If they are very small, you can get rid of about 20.  If they are medium sized, about one eighth of an inch or so, it will treat between 6 and 10.  If they are large, about the size of a pea, it will treat about 2.

If you have a tag that is very long and thin, you don’t have to cover the whole tag, only the base of the trunk.  If you have a very thick tag, however, you will probably need to use 2 applications. You’ll find that aftercare following skin tag removal is simple.

skin tag on the chin

Removing Skin Tags Under the Chin

Because the directions are different for each of the skin growths, we will list here how to use it to remove skin tags only.

The cream should not be opened until you use it.  You have to stir it and use it immediately.

  1. Make sure to clean the skin tag and the surrounding skin thoroughly with the antibacterial solution using a cotton swab.
  1. There is an emery board included in the kit.  This is to roughen the skin tag surface (use it gently).  If you have very small skin tags, a toothpick can be used, but it probably won’t be necessary.

When doing this, it will allow the cream to get through the skin.  This is the most important part of the whole process.  Be careful not to make the tag bleed, or to not poke it with the toothpick, if you are using one.

There is a small part of the tag that connects it to the skin.  This is called the trunk.  Pay special attention to this part, roughing up the tag, because this is actually the part that will allow the tag to come off completely.

  1. Open the small tub of cream and thoroughly stir it with the included applicator stick.  If the cream is extremely thick (unlikely), put a tiny bit of water in it and stir well.  It should have the consistency of a watery cream.
  1. To protect the skin around the tag, you could put a very thin layer or petroleum jelly around it. This will keep the cream off of any skin that is not the tag.

Using the applicator stick only, put a thin layer of the cream onto the tag until it is totally covered.

If your tag is long, put most emphasis on the trunk of the tag.  This is where it meets the skin.

  1. Leave the cream to sit on the skin for 20 minutes.  You should experience a stinging sensation for 1 to 2 minutes.  Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, this feeling will can be strong.  This is normal, and means that the cream is working to remove the tag.

The entire tag should turn black around the twenty-minute mark.  If it is not, then gently scratch the tag and re-apply the cream.

You may/will experience some slight swelling or redness around the tag, this will soon go away.

  1. After the twenty minutes are up, and the tag has turned black, wash off the white dried cream with water.  You can also use a wet cotton ball.  Do this very gently.

Important Note:  If you have larger skin tags, a second treatment will be needed to completely remove the skin tag.

  1. A scab will form.  This is an important part of the healing process, and you have to be careful not to scratch it off.  Being that it is on your chin, be careful especially when you put your shirt on and take it off.

The manufacturer recommends that you use natural aloe vera every 4 hours after the treatment, and natural vitamin E oil every 4 hours after the scab falls off.

It can take up to three weeks for the scab to fall off, or 5 weeks is the skin tag was bigger.  Do not ‘help’ the scab to come off by scratching at it.  This will likely leave a scar.

Manufacturer notes:

If the tag bleeds when you are roughing it up before putting the cream on, wait until the bleeding completely stops before using the cream.

If you do not feel the stinging sensation, the cream has not gotten through the tag.  Use the emery board again, and re-apply the cream.

After you rinse the cream off, a cauterized scab will form.  It is very important that this scab does not come off prematurely.  It can leave a scar.  It can take 1 to 3 weeks to come off on its own.

When the scab does come off, the spot may be pink or red.  This will fade as your skin heals, and is usually totally healed within a month.

They recommend using pure natural vitamin E oil for faster healing and reduced risk of marking or scarring.

If any cream gets on the surrounding skin, wipe it off with the other end of the applicator stick, and immediately rinse the skin with water.

Wart Mole Vanish can be used on children, but the company asks that you contact them for more information first. You can find out more about Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish, read reviews, and get the lowest price by clicking on the link!

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

The TagBand device is very easy to use, and there are no ointments or creams to apply.  It is simply a rubber band that is placed around the tag, and left there until both it and the tag fall off.

Again, when you are treating a tag that is on your chin, be careful when dressing that you do not disturb it when using this product.  It may slow down the process.

The way that TagBand works is by completely stopping the blood flow to the tag.  This will allow it to die and fall off within a few days.

The kit contains everything you need to remove up to 10 skin tags.  It has 10 cleansing wipes, 10 bands, one cone and one TagBand remover.

Removal of Skin Tag On the Chin

  1. Clean the tag and surrounding skin with one of the included wipes.  Take one of the bands and push it onto the top section of the cone.
  2. Gently put the cone over the skin tag and make sure that it is completely level with the surrounding skin.
  3. Put the TagBand remover onto the cone, and push lightly until the band comes off, and is around the tag. This band will stay there until the tag turns dark brown or black, and falls off.

Do not try to pull the tag at any time during this process.  It will not make it fall off faster, and it may very well cause a mark or scab to appear after the tag is gone.

Some tags will fall off in a few days, and others can take a few weeks.  The tag may shrink first, before it turns black.  This is because it is losing the blood supply.

TagBand can be used safely on the face, and the tag, once removed, will not grow back.

This kit is meant to be used on medium to large tags.  If you have smaller ones, we recommend using the TagBand Skin Tag Remover.

How to Use the Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit

This skin tag remover is 100% natural, and is FDA registered.  It is made from natural plant extracts.

The kit comes complete with everything you need to safely and effectively remove one tag, or multiple tags.  It comes with skin tag remover paste, an applicator, 6 emery boards and one roughing needle, 6 alcohol swabs, 6 bandages, 6 cotton swabs, and one after healing cream.


  1. Clean the tag, or tags, completely using an enclosed alcohol swab.
  2. Gently scratch the tag with one of the emery boards that are included in the kit.  Scratch it enough to roughen the tag, but not enough for it to bleed.  If it does start to bleed, wait until the bleeding totally stops, before putting the treatment on.
  3. If you have very sensitive skin, you should apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, around the tag, being careful not to touch the tag itself. Doing so will protect your skin if any of the treatment should get on it.

Apply a very small amount of the treatment onto the skin tag.  You will feel a burning sensation, and the degree to which you will feel it all depends on your skin sensitivity.  If you do not feel this, apply the formula again.  This feeling tells you that it is working, and is removing the tag.

Allow the formula to thoroughly dry, and then very gently rinse it off with water.

  1. Cover the spot with one of the adhesive bandages that are included in the kit.

A scab should form within 24 hours.  If there is not a scab at that time, repeat the steps above.

  1. Once a scab has formed, start to apply the healing cream.  This will ensure that there will be no marks or scars where the tag was.  Apply this cream carefully, so you don’t loosen the scab.

The scab is an important part of the process, and if it comes off prematurely, there will be a scar.  If it does happen, keep using the healing cream until the skin heals completely.

The manufacturer states that some skin tags, especially big ones, may take longer to come off.  It has been reported that some have taken one or two weeks to do so.  Please be patient.  As long as you feel the burning sensation, then the product is working.

Never try to pull the tag off, as this can easily lead to bleeding and scarring.

When you have a skin tag on the front of your chin, or under it, and are using one of these treatments to remove it, be careful when you are taking shirts off and putting them on, so you don’t tear the scab.  If it does happen, it will take the skin longer to completely heal.

Skin tags appear many places on the body, on different people.  Some products are safe for just about anywhere on the body, but not all are recommended for use on the face.  These 3 treatments are not only safe for use on the face, but they are very effective and work quickly.

We have listed 3 different products – one has chemicals, one is completely natural, and one requires no cream or other liquids at all.  We know that each person has their own preference as to which types of treatments that they use on their body, and these three are the best.

When it comes to skin tags, some people don’t seem to mind them.  Many other people, however, find them embarrassing, and when the tag gets rubbed often, as it could be when it is on your chin, it can become irritated and painful.

You definitely don’t have to suffer when these cause pain or embarrassment.  Using one of the above treatments will have the tag gone fast.  Some people often have more than one tag, which is why these products are good for multiple treatments.

There really is no way to cover up a skin tag, and going to a doctor or dermatologist can cost a fortune.  You will still feel a stinging sensation when a doctor does it, depending on which method they do.  There really is no need to lose time off work, or out of your busy day, to make a trip to the doctor for a tag.  You can easily and safely do it in the comfort of your own home, on your own time.

This is what makes these products so nice.  Another good thing about them is that you have to use them only once to thoroughly remove skin tags under the chin.  Some treatments require that you apply them multiple times throughout the day, and it could take a week or two of this before you see changes to the tag, and for it to come off.

You will find that any of the treatments above will thoroughly get rid of skin tags on the chin quickly.  You also won’t have to worry about another one growing back, as your skin will heal over that spot.