How to Dry Out Skin Tags Fast at Home

While skin tags don’t bother some people, they can drive others crazy. If you can see it easily or it’s on a sensitive area, it’ll likely bother you more. When they are on a noticeable part of your body, such as your face or neck, they can be embarrassing. There are some effective ways to get rid of them, and without going to a doctor. Especially if you have a lot of them, learning how to dry out skin tags is a good way to get rid of them permanently.

These loose flaps of skin are very common, especially among older people and individuals that are overweight. It is believed that this is because these groups of people have extra folds in their skin which constantly rub against each other.

Skin tags are formed when there is friction in the skin. This often happens between folds of skin, in the groin area where clothing is rubbing against your skin constantly, and they also frequently grow on eyelids.

Sometimes, they just happen to grow for no apparent reason. Some will understandably be concerned that they may have a cancerous growth, but this isn’t the case. They are just loose flaps of skin. Even though they aren’t a health concern, many people find them embarrassing.

Although there are some good ways to physically remove skin tags at home, in this post we will only be discussing how to dry out skin tags. It is not hard to do, and when you are able to dry them out, they will fall off easily.

How to Dry Out Skin Tags Fast

The key to drying out skin tags is to cut the blood supply from the stalk.  This is where the skin tag adjoins with the skin.  In order to do this, you have to be able to use a treatment that is capable of preventing the flow of blood to the tag. This is the only way that you will be able to effectively dry it out and get rid of it.

If you were to tie off a skin tag at the base of it, where it meets the skin, you will be able to stop the blood flow from getting into it. This will allow it to dry out, and eventually fall off on its own.

Of course, some places will be easier to treat than others. For example, if you have skin tags on the eyelid, you’ll have to be more careful when treating it than if it is on your leg or arm.

Also, some skin tags are small, and some can be very large. This will also affect the manner and length of time that it will take to thoroughly dry out the tag.

By cutting off the blood supply to that one small piece of skin, it won’t hurt at all.  This is one of the safest ways to get rid of them, and it is very easy to do.

Treatments for Drying Out Skin Tags

Tea Tree Oil

You can also use what are called essential oils. These oils have many medicinal qualities, and certain ones can easily dry out the tag.  One of the best you can use is Tea tree oil.  It has the ability to stop the blood supply quickly.  It is very easy to use, too.

All you have to do is to put some on a Q-tip, or small cotton swab, and put it on the tag a couple of times a day.  It will do the rest.  The tag will soon dry out and fall off, with no marking left behind.

One of the best products that you can use for this is Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil.  It is one of the strongest essential oils.  Click on the link to read more about how it can effectively and quickly remove skin tags by drying them out.

Frankincense Oil

Not as strong as Tea tree oil, Frankincense oil is also used to dry out these extra pieces of skin.  You use it the same way as you would other essential oils.  It effectively stops the blood supply.  Because it is not as strong of an oil, it will take a little more time to work.

How to Dry Out Skin Tags Fast at Home

Lemon Juice

The natural acid in Lemon juice is believed to help to dry out a skin tag.  Just like with tea tree oil, you should apply it only to the tag itself, using a small cotton swab.

Some people’s skin may be sensitive to the acid in lemons.  You can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to the skin surrounding the tag.  Just be sure not to touch it.  Especially the base, as this is where the acid will start to work.

Using any treatment to remove skin tags, you have to be careful to get as close to the base of the stalk as you can.  If you don’t, then one can easily grow back after the first one falls off.  This is because there is still part of the tag connected to your skin.

TagBand Device

There are a few other ways to do this, as well.  One of them is to put a very tight band around the base, and leave it on.  This would be a good option for you if you don’t want to have to keep putting something on it.

There is a product called TagBand that is very easy to use, and you only have to put it around the base of the tag, and it will dry it out, allowing it to fall off on its own.  You can read more about how easy and effective it is in our full review, by clicking on the link.

There are many different ways that people remove these tags, but drying them out is actually one of the best ways. It isn’t painful or costly, either, as some other removal methods can be.  And there will be no scars or marks like there would be if you cut it off.  When you want to know how to dry out skin tags, it is very easy.  Several of the methods that we have listed above are highly effective.