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Should Skin Tags on Senior Dogs be Removed?

Do skin tags bother older dogs?

There are several types of skin growths that can be potentially dangerous for a dog. Additionally, some growths are practically harmless. Being able to identify these skin conditions is important, so you know whether or not they should be removed. One of the least problematic growths for a dog is a skin tag because it’s […]

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Where Do Skin Tags Grow on Dogs?

Places to look for skin tags on dogs

Skin tags are common growths that can appear on dogs of any age or breed, but the likelihood of getting them rises steeply with age. Many times, they may not be discovered because they are covered by fur. They are benign, fleshy growths that can be as small as a grain of rice or as […]

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How to Get Rid of Skin Tags on a Dog’s Eyelids

removal a skin tag that's near to a dog's eye

Skin tags on a dog can show up virtually anywhere. Because we aren’t fully aware of what causes them, there isn’t a way to pin down one area of the body that may be more prone than others. No matter where skin tags occur, they are typically harmless. However, treatment is inevitably going to be […]

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What to Do When a Skin Tag on a Dog Keeps Bleeding

Can I remove a skin tag that bleeds?

Skin tags on a dog are harmless. They are benign and can occur for a variety of reasons. While there is no definite cause for skin tags on canines, some common theories include friction, age, and even genetics. Most of the time, a dog can live with one skin tag or even multiple growths with […]

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How Much Does a Vet Charge to Remove Skin Tags on Dogs?

How much do veterinarians charge to remove skin tags?

When you discover a¬†growth on your dog, it’s normal to feel concerned. Perhaps you were just petting them, only to come across a raised lump that wasn’t there previously. While there are several types of skin growths that can occur on dogs, skin tags are one of the most common ones. Skin tags are completely […]

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