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What Does a Skin Tag Look Like on a Dog?

How to identify a skin tag on a dog

As a pet owner, finding a growth on your dog that you can’t immediately identify can be cause for concern. Fortunately, many common growths that occur on a dog’s skin are harmless. One of the most common, and the safest, are skin tags. Skin tags can be found almost anywhere on your dog’s body. Most […]

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Skin Tags vs. Ticks on Dogs

How to tell ticks and skin tags apart

Skin tags on dogs can be easily confused with other types of growths. Two of the most common misconceptions come from fleas and ticks. Ticks, in particular, are often confused with skin tags on dogs because they tend to latch onto the skin for longer periods of time. A growth like a skin tag might […]

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Skin Tags vs. Warts on Dogs

How to tell the difference between a wart and a skin tag on a dog

It’s easy to get confused over the different types of skin growths that appear on dogs. Most of us consider dogs to be important members of the family. So, any ‘unknown’ skin condition could lead to concern. Fortunately, some skin bumps are completely harmless. Others may need treatment. Two of the most commonly-confused types of […]

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Should Skin Tags on Senior Dogs be Removed?

Do skin tags bother older dogs?

There are several types of skin growths that can be potentially dangerous for a dog. Additionally, some growths are practically harmless. Being able to identify these skin conditions is important, so you know whether or not they should be removed. One of the least problematic growths for a dog is a skin tag because it’s […]

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Where Do Skin Tags Grow on Dogs?

Places to look for skin tags on dogs

Skin tags are common growths that can appear on dogs of any age or breed, but the likelihood of getting them rises steeply with age. Many times, they may not be discovered because they are covered by fur. They are benign, fleshy growths that can be as small as a grain of rice or as […]

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