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Skin Tags vs. Warts: What is the Difference?

Skin tags and warts are entirely different conditions. However, if you have no prior experience with either, and have not had an official diagnosis from a doctor, you may be confused as to what is happening to your skin. There is no need to worry since both skin tags and warts are benign conditions. This […]

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Syringoma Removal Methods that Are Used by Doctors

Syringoma removal methods used by doctors

Syringomas are a benign skin condition, but they may make you feel self-conscious. They typically cluster around the eyes and temples and are easy recognize. The first thing you should know, though, is that they are completely harmless. The purpose of treating syringoma is related solely to appearance. If you are looking for ways to […]

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Skin Tags: 45 Must-Know Answers to Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]!

Information about skin tags

Skin tags (acrochordons) are small, fleshy-colored benign tumors that are sometimes confused with other skin conditions, most notably genital warts. In reality, these tiny growths are easy to identify when you know how to spot the signs. They’re peduncular, which means that they hang off the skin slightly on a thin stalk. Skin tags are […]

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