What Are the Best Treatments for Freezing Skin Tags Safely at Home?

Skin tags are found in many areas of the body. These include under the eyes, armpits, thighs, and the groin area. They are usually not easily seen unless someone gets close to you. However, in some cases, they can grow up to half an inch in diameter. If this is the case, you should find out more about large skin tag removal.

What’s annoying is that skin tags often form in clusters. If you have a few skin tags around the neck, for example, then it might make you feel more self-conscious. They can also get caught on your necklace. That’s why freezing skin tags has become so popular.

So, how do you go about freezing off a skin tag? There are two options available to you. Either visit a doctor, who will perform the procedure or do it yourself at home with Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away. This will give you 7 treatments, but skin tags sometimes go away after a single application.

Freezing Off Skin Tags by a Doctor

When you visit a doctor to have your skin tags removed, they will use a substance called liquid nitrogen. Other names for this procedure include cryosurgery and cryotherapy. It has been used for years, so you should feel safe when having it done.

The main advantage of a trained medical professional freezing skin tags is that the whole procedure is swift. It can be completed in one visit. This means you don’t have to visit the hospital, as everything is done at your local doctor’s office.

How Does the Process Work?

The liquid nitrogen has the effect of instantly freezing a skin tag, and the small amount of skin tissue around it, so that it can’t receive a regular flow of oxygen. Without oxygenated blood, it is unable to survive. Most people start to notice that the growth turns black.

Liquid nitrogen is applied using medical tweezers, as this allows the doctor to apply it to a tiny area without disturbing any other parts of the skin.

The procedure might require a local anesthetic if the skin tags are numerous or large, but in most cases, it can be done without any numbing agents. The only real feeling you will notice is similar to an ice cube being pressed against your skin for about 30 seconds. Sure, this is slightly uncomfortable, but it isn’t a concern.

Freezing Skin Tags at Home

Skin tags can be quickly removed with OTC products that have liquid nitrogen like qualities. It involves freezing the skin tag with a product, such as Dr Scholl’s Freeze Away. As long as you adhere to the instructions, it’s almost as safe as seeing a doctor.

When performing this procedure by yourself, it’s important that you only use products that have been medically researched and certified for this purpose. Don’t be tempted to go down the home remedy route by using things such as nail polish, especially if they’re in sensitive positions, such as the penis or vaginal area.

This could easily do more harm than good, and leave you in a worse situation than when you started. If in doubt, speak with a member of staff at your local pharmacy to see which skin tag freezing product they recommend for complete safety and peace of mind.

Risks of Skin Tag Freezing

There are no serious risks associated with getting rid of your skin tags by freezing them, although there are factors that need to be considered. The primary concern is red or irritated skin around the area, although this will usually only last for a few days.

You must also be careful when freezing off skin tags on the face or around the eyes. Make sure you only put a small amount on the area and avoid getting it elsewhere.

In normal circumstances, the risk of scarring is minimal, although it may become a concern if you have reoccurring skin tags in the same place and are regularly having to freeze them off.


Ultimately though, if you visit a doctor trained in removing skin tags or you choose a freezing product that has been tested and certified, then the risks associated with freezing off skin tags is very low which means you can move forward with confidence.

Alternative At-Home Skin Tag Treatments

There is a range of treatments you might want to try first before going down the freezing route. One is tea tree oil, which in 100% natural form has been known to help. It doesn’t have a pleasant smell, but it works well. You should read this post on tea tree oil and skin tags if you’re interested in learning more. This is a safe treatment, even for pregnant women and children.

Freezing skin tags is a proven way of achieving clear-looking skin. The choice that you must make is whether you want to pay hundreds of dollars to get treatment from a doctor or use Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away. Try Dr. Scholl’s before seeing a doctor if you want to keep the cost down.