Should I Treat Skin Tags Under Breasts During Pregnancy?

You’ll not doubt have discovered, from talking to your friends or from your research, that skin tags under breasts during pregnancy are incredibly common. Unfortunately, they can become itchy, irritated or even infected. Carrying a baby isn’t comfortable for most women, and small skin tags during pregnancy can make the experience even less tolerable for you. Don’t despair because there are some ways to safely treat this condition.

It’s really easy to identify acrochordons, which the medical name. Unlike other common skin conditions, they’re soft flaps of skin that hang loosely from the breast by a narrow stalk or peduncle. They can also develop on other body parts, but the most common places to find them include the armpits, eyelids, face, groin, and the neck area.

You’ll notice that the most commonly affected body parts tend to be areas where your skin comes into regular contact with other skin. It’s clearly not a coincidence. These can all be treated with Australian tea tree oil, and it’s incredibly effective. A high number of customers that bought this premium brand of tea tree oil gave it a 5-star rating. It’s recommended for pregnant women because it’s safe and affordable.

Is My Health At Risk?

Many people worry that tags are a sign of cancer, but this isn’t the case. They’re benign tumors that won’t cause you any problems, unless they become irritated. It’s easier said than done, but you should try to avoid playing with and twisting them because this can lead to irritation and inflammation. If you’re already at this stage, we’d advise you to consult a doctor, especially given the sensitivity of the infected area.

There is a correlation between skin tags and diabetes, but this isn’t the case if you didn’t have tags until you became pregnant. If you had tags originally, it’s worth investigating the possible cause a little further or taking action. For example, if you are carrying excess weight, reducing your intake of saturated fats and sugars will be highly beneficial to your long-term health.

Causes of Skin Tags Under Breasts During Pregnancy

You’ve probably realized that your stomach and breasts didn’t used to meet each other in the same way before you became pregnant. Now that you’re carrying a baby, they’re permanently in contact, and it can also get rather hot and sweaty in that area. Nobody knows why this promotes the growth of skintags, but experts are adamant that there’s a correlation.

A further factor that leads to tags is pregnancy hormones that occur naturally when you’re expecting a baby. There is a dramatic increase in hormone levels during the first few months, and the rise will be even more pronounced if you’re carrying more than one child. This leads to a modification to the skin follicles, creating the optimal environment for the growth of tags.

Do Pregnancy Skin Tags Go Away on Their Own?

Skin tags during pregnancy are normally only temporary a temporary phenomena and will often go away on their own after you’ve given birth. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s quite likely. Your hormone levels are currently elevated, but this will subside. It’s really just a matter of whether you’r happy to wait for up to 9 months and if there’s another medical factor that means that treatment is essential, such as an infection.

Should I Treat Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

Medical Consultation

If you was to talk to your doctor, you’ll be advised that tags are a cosmetic and not a medical issue. Unless you have a large skin tag or it’s become badly irritated, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be offered any treatment. If you don’t have a genuine health problem associated with a tag, it’s unlikely that your medical insurance will cover the cost. While you appreciate that the safety of you and your child is always going to be paramount, you probably don’t like the way that you look and hate the fact that you no longer feel comfortable.

OTC Treatments

Before using an OTC skin tag treatment, we recommend waiting to see if the tags go away on their own after you’ve given birth. As already discussed, they’re usually a phenomena caused by a temporary elevation in pregnancy hormones. Treatments that we don’t recommend during pregnancy include cutting offtying off or burning off tags with acids. Don’t take any chances, especially as the area is very sensitive. It’ll just make things a lot worse.

Skin Tags Under Breasts During Pregnancy

Natural Remedies

If you’re adamant that you want to remove them, we recommend looking more closely at a natural alternative skin tags treatment. One of the best and most effective treatments is Australian tea tree oil. It’s a 100% natural treatment that works by drying out the tag so that it changes color before falling off – it has received some very positive customer reviews!

Take some time to learn about and understand the underlying causes of skin tags. They aren’t in any way harmful, but skin tags under breasts during pregnancy can be really irritating for women. You can treat them safely with tea tree oil for skin tags for less than 30 bucks. This will get you a really large bottle, so you can store it away for usage in the future. Always remember that pregnancy skin tags may go away on their own after you’ve given birth.