How to Prevent Skin Tags from Forming or Growing Back in the Future

It’s understandable that you want to know how to prevent skin tags from growing back, or simply from forming in the first place. They aren’t attractive cosmetically, and they can easily become infected – if you irritate them! Sadly, there’s no guaranteed ways to avoid skin tags, but there are things that you can do that have helped a lot of people.

Skin tags are just loose-hanging flaps of skin (benign tumors) that hang from the skin by a peduncle, which is a thin stalk. They’re easy to identify and totally harmless.

While most skin tags are small, sometimes large skin tag removal is necessary. Here are the most common places that they tend to appear:

In order to avoid skin tags, you need to understand why you’re getting them in the first place. There are things that you can do to stop getting skin tags and other causes that are beyond your control. In this article, we’re going to discuss things that anyone can do to prevent skin tags.

How to Prevent Skin Tags from Forming

Improve Your Health & Lose Weight

Skin tags can ‘sometimes’ be a barometer of your health. If you live a poor lifestyle, eat a lot of saturated fats, consume too much sugar and have become obese, your body could be alerting you that there’s a problem. Medical research has indicated that skin tags can sometimes be a pre-diabetes symptom. Consider taking steps to lose weight and become healthier. If diabetes is a concern, click on the link below for extra information:

When you need to know how to prevent skin tags from forming, consider why they’re developing in the first place. We’ve already mentioned that people who are overweight have more folds of skin. Consequently, this leads to skin rubbing against skin and sweating, which is believed to be a reason why skin tags develop. If you want to avoid getting skin tags, take steps to modify your diet and lose some weight.

If you lose a few pounds, you’ll sweat less and have fewer skin folds. You shouldn’t attempt to lose weight too fast through a fad diet because you need it to be a consistent lifestyle modification. Less weight also means fewer hormonal changes. Aside from dietary adjustments (reducing sugar and saturated fats), you should do some toning exercises so that you don’t have as much stretched or loose-hanging skin.

While you can’t achieve success overnight, making some basic changes could deliver results. Many experts believe that reducing your sugar intake is important, so you should try to cut down on sweet foods and put less sugar in your drinks.

Friction-Reducing Powders

You have a tendency to develop tags around the neck, between the legs, groin, armpits and under your breasts. The good news is that applying a medicated powder can help to reduce friction and irritation, as well as keeping the area more dry. Try applying Ammens original medicated powder because it helps and it’s great value for money. Stay away from scented powders, just in case they cause any additional irritation.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

If you wear tight clothing, your skin will rub against it constantly. You also won’t be allowing your skin to breathe as easily. While fashion dictates what we wear and how we dress, contemporary clothing designs may be one of the primary causes. You may also find that you develop more tags if you wear jewelry. For example, wearing a necklace could lead to skin tags growing on your neck area.

How to prevent skin tags

If you want to avoid skin tags, wear looser-fitting clothing more often. You don’t need to wear a sack, but a more relaxed style of outfit will lead to less skin-on-skin contact. Also, if let your skin breath, you won’t sweat as much. You can still wear tighter clothing and jewelry on special occasions, just don’t wear it all the time.

While learning how to prevent skin tags from forming is always better than finding a solution, there are factors that are beyond your control. Hormonal changes are difficult to avoid, and impossible to escape if you’re pregnant. However, making the above can be of assistance.

Why Do I Get Skin Tags?

People get skin tags for a variety of reasons, but each of them is broadly connected. You’re either getting them because you’re experiencing hormonal changes or there’s too much skin-on-skin contact. Understanding why we get skin tags ‘sometimes’ enables us to take action and avoid them. You should read the post ‘why do people get skin tags?’ to better understand why your body reacts adversely to these factors.

  • People who are 60+ are far more likely to develop tags than younger people.
  • Pregnant women, that experience hormonal changes due to estrogen production, may also get skin tags.
  • If you take steroids, this will also alter your hormones, albeit in an unnatural way.
  • There are also genetic factors that are inherited from your closest family members.

Most people develop multiple skin tags, which is why you’re likely to be here now. If you want a treatment that works, take a closer look at Apothecary Australian tea tree oil. It’s a 100% natural method that everyone should try. Apply it to your skin tags a couple of times a day and they could be gone in 3 to 6 weeks.